Bigfoot. The Loch Ness Monster. Chupacabra. For centuries, humankind have shared tall tales of larger-than-life legends—and today, their stories continue to ignite curiosity and inspire ad sales. This branded spot was part of a campaign for Discovery called Campfire Tales, focusing on legendary monsters. While the original request called for stock footage, we wanted to bring these classic myths to life through the magic of animation. Inspired by the concept of Bigfoot as the iconic campfire tale monster, we partnered with Identity Visual to create a fully animated world from scratch, mixing 2D and 3D animation styles. This was one of many spots for the series, each designed to accommodate ad sponsorships, with healthy, outdoor-friendly snacks as a target. Since launching this series, we have adopted Bigfoot as our mascot—and we often look for him in Manhattan. While we have not yet spotted him in a bodega, we have spent more time in the snack aisle.

Client: Discovery
Animation Studio: Identity Visual
Creative and Edit: Mattock
Sound Design / Mix: Defacto Sound